Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Prince and the Mob

Daniel Brizuela                                                                                                                               9/3/12

                                                          The Prince and the Mob.

    In the land of Petropoa, at a time when outlaws were considered heroes and it was considered okay to rebel against your own country, a wise king fathered a corrupt and horrible son. The son, the prince, would do anything to become king of Petropoa even if it meant getting help from the most violent and dangerous mob in all of Petropoa, the Hutersias.
    The Hutersias were known for their drastic and violent measures towards their enemies and their victims. They were much more ruthless than say the drug cartels in Mexico and Al-Qaida terrorists put together.

    Two months before the king’s 30th anniversary of ruling Petropoa, his son decided that he has waited too long for him to be king. He would do anything to get to the thrown instead of waiting for his father to either die of old age or if he chooses to no longer rule.
    In order to work with the Hutersias, the prince will promise to weaken the police force in certain areas so that the mob will have nothing to worry about. Once that happens, the prince plans to double cross them as a way of cutting out any loose ends.
    The plan is basically to have one of the Hutersias work as one of the king’s bodyguards and have him kill the king in his sleep and make it look like a suicide. Once the king is dead, the prince will inherit the throne and become the new king of Petropoa.

    A year has passed and the prince’s plan has gone well. The king has been killed and no one suspected murder instead of suicide, or if his son or the Hutersias were somehow involved.
    Having become the new king of Petropoa, the former prince was now the most powerful person in the land. He could do whatever he wanted and no one could stop him, which was not entirely true.
    The one problem he faces is that at any moment the Hutersias could reveal to everyone that he was behind his father’s murder. He of course had to make sure that never happens, otherwise his subjects would revolt and the former prince would be put in prison.

    Two months have passed and the former prince has successfully gotten rid of the Hutersias. By secretly giving tips to the police the Hutersias were wiped out in just a few months without anyone connecting the former prince to the mob or connecting him to the anonymous tips.
    The former prince was once again free from anything that could put him in prison, free to rule with an iron will. He was no longer bound by the fear of anyone learning about his secrets and revealing them to the people.
    Now that there was no evidence against him or to prove that he had any ties with the Hutersias the corrupt former prince was now free to rule as he wanted. He could do as he wanted and no one, not his people or the police, can stop him from doing it.

    Three years later the former prince has gone insane and mad with power, while also constantly fearing his secret might be revealed and everyone learning of his secret. The former prince now turned ruthless king would do anything to keep his secret hidden, even have random people picked from the streets who he believes know his secret and have them immediately executed.
    After so long of being ruled by a ruthless and despotic ruler with some kind of unknown grudge which he has against probably everyone ruled by him, the people of Petropoa decided that it was enough. Countless Petropoans formed a rebel group that was against the former prince’s despotic rule.
    The rebels quickly gathered more and more followers all without getting caught or having someone betray them to the authorities. Soon there were more people in the rebellion than there were who still supported the former prince.
    Eventually, the rebel group was successful at taking down several of the ruthless king’s military supporters. This was quite easy since there weren’t a lot of people left who actually supported the former prince.
    To the new king this was just a nuisance and a huge distraction that was going on that would soon end. He believed that it would soon be destroyed by his royal agents and anyone associated with the rebels will be put in prison for terrorism and betraying the kingdom.
    After destroying several of the military’s ammunitions and weapons storages the growing rebellion quickly moved closer towards the king’s palace. The next step was to somehow take over the palace and dethrone the former prince turned king.
    For the next two months, the rebel group planned how they would get into and take over the palace. Thanks to the help of a few of the guards who secretly sided with them, along with some of the king’s staff, they made the best plan that will help them take over and defeat the king.

    A few weeks have passed and the ruthless king has heard nothing that was related to the rebels. This made him both happy and worried since it either meant that they were gone or they were planning something big.
    As he was preparing to eat his dinner, all of a sudden he heard a loud explosion coming from outside. One of his loyal guards entered telling him that they were under attack by the rebel group. The guards outside were taken out quickly without killing any of the rebels before the rebels entered.
    The rebels quickly overtook the palace and defeated most of the guards still loyal to the king. With help from some of the king’s staff who sided with the rebels, they found secret passageways that the king would use in case of emergency.
    There were many passageways to chose from and many possibilities as to where the king went. The rebels split themselves into teams and each one went into the different passageways to find and defeat the corrupt king.

    The king, along with some still loyal guards, was in one passageway that took him to the harbor. In order to open a door that would take him to a secret underground cave that held the king’s emergency escape boat, the guards had to find the keys hidden under some of the rocks that were on the top of the door. One of the guards gave the king his gun in order to climb the door and find the key for them to escape.
    As the rebels were getting closer to the king, the former prince became more and more unstable from all that was going on. When they finally spotted the king and his guards the rebels called for them to surrender at once. One of the guards immediately got down from searching for the key and drew his gun at the rebels.
    The guard opened fired first without hesitation with the rebels firing back, especially after some of the underground lights were destroyed in the ensuing gunfight. As the one guard who was looking for the key was killed, the king grabbed his gun and realizing that he was outnumbered and would probably be captured and executed for his crimes he blindly fired at anything.
    The former prince killed his own guard and after a few shots, the rebels all fired back and killed the king. After no more shots were fired from the opposite side and they were able to find a light source, the rebels see what has happened. Now that the king was killed and his followers either captured or killed the rebels were now able to take over and form a new government for Petropoa. A government that’s fair, and free from any future corruption that would plague the older one.