Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Baby Driver

Stylish, fun, exiting, and full of great thrills is the best way to describe Baby Driver, Edgar Wright's action comedy about a getaway driver who constantly listens to music even when driving to drown out the tinnitus he's had since a childhood incident that killed his parents. Ansel Elgort effortlessly plays the young Baby alongside Lily James as his love interest and Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm, Jammie Foxx, and Eiza Gonzalez as the criminals he helps drive. Every second of this film is done so stylishly and the music perfectly fits whenever it plays that it almost feels like one really long music video. What makes Driver so different and unconventional to so many other films is how every frame is filled with stylish music that hardly ever stops. The comedy is on point, the criminals are fun to watch, the driving sequences are choreographed beautifully, and the ending is very deserved. One flaw in the film is that we never get to hear or see Baby suffering from his tinnitus except when at one point he temporary loses his hearing. Over all: 100%
2017 top list so far:
1. Baby Driver
2. Wonder Woman
3. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
4. Logan
5. Alien: Covenant
6. John Wick: Chapter 2
7. The Lego Batman Movie
8. Saban's Power Rangers
9. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
10. Kong: Skull Island
11. Split
12. The Fate of the Furious
13. Beauty and the Beast 2017
14. Transformers: The Last Knight

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